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Featured in NR Times

March 16, 2021


Chase Park Neuro Centre features in NR Times – Specialist neuro centre continues to invest.

Deborah Johnson, Editor of NR Times interviewed Director, Dr Niraj Brahmabhatt on the centre’s latest developments. Dr Brahmabhatt discussed how Chase Park continues to invest in its offering as it increases therapy and rehab provision for patients as well as reflecting on the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Chase Park has always been known for its ethos and its rehab pathways, that has always been part of the fabric, and the spirit of the centre is very much about helping our younger adults in particular to move on to independent community living,” says Dr Brahmabhatt.

“Our offering has become more specialist over time and in the last couple of years, the decision to bring the therapy and neuropsychology in-house has been an important one.

“We are also going to be introducing limb training technology from Easter, which will add to the work of our team to offer new opportunities. It feels like the right time to do this, we have created the right rehab setting, and will come as a boost for staff and residents alike post-COVID.

“We are really focusing on therapy and are committed to raising the standards of what we do here even higher, and I think the level of outcomes we are achieving in terms of our younger adults getting back into the community helps to show that.”

Over the past year, Chase Park’s stringent safety policies and unrelenting commitment to protecting its residents has enabled the centre to remain COVID-19 free. Implementing lockdown measures and a ban on visiting from early March last year ensured Chase Park was already in control of its safety measures by the time national lockdown was enforced two weeks later.

“This early decision to lock down, and the fact we were very much on top of PPE requirements, meant we were very well prepared,” says Dr Brahmabhatt.

You can read the full article in NR Times here: Specialist neuro centre continues to invest.



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