Chase Park Neuro Centre provides a holistic approach to care and treatment for individuals with neurological conditions, physical disabilities and associated mental health needs.

We have specalist physiotherapists, occupational therapists and therapy assistants onsite to aid treatment and promote independence. An individualised assessment will be carried out on admission to Chase Park and a structured routine will be developed in line with an individuals wants and wishes.

As a specialist provider of rehabilitation and neurological care Chase Park also provides neuro-psychological input, assessment and treatment programmes. The psychologists onsite have significant experience of treatment programmes for individuals who may have cognitive and behavioural difficulties.

We are very fortunate to have consultant psychologist input within our rehabilitation setting and treatment programmes. 

Along with the multi-disciplinary team providing support to the clients, Chase Park also offers support to the families through a family Liaison officer.

We are able to care for a wide range of neurological conditions including stroke, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, early onset dementia and acquired brain/spinal injury. We also have a number of clients with cognitive and physical disabilities since birth which require complex nursing care.

Many of our clients may assistance with their mobility needs, feeding requirements, and activities of daily living.

We have registered nurses on  site 24 hours per day who are able to care for clients who require:-

  • PEG/PEJ feeding
  • Tracheostomy care
  • stoma or wound care
  • Catheterisation
  • Venepuncture

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